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Updates are free if the Major Version has not changed.
The major version is the first of the three period-separated numbers. (e.g. The major version number of version 5.3.1 is 5. So if you have version 5.3.1, you can install any version 5.x.x for free, but you will only be able to use version 6.x.x on a trial basis.)

Try a Major Version upgrade FREE for 10 days
without interfering with your current version. Explore all the new features using your current data. After 10 days, you must purchase a new activation code (for the Upgrade price) to continue using the upgrade (or you can skip it and continue using your older version).

See Release Notes on the Latest Upgrades >

 Product Download


 EarlyRetire Pro™ 17.3.6 6.1 MB
 Fundwatch™ 14.3.7 5.4 MB
 Investor's Accountant™ 10.1.7 9.9 MB
 Portfolio Analyzer™ 9.2.5 8.6 MB
 Easy ROR™ 11.0.1 7.5 MB
 Easy ROR Pro™ 15.1.4 8.5 MB
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